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This page includes book videos as well as teaching videos and favorite video play lists.

Below is my first video for Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind. I will create a new video soon.


Introduction to D2L

When first logging into D2L, the website can appear very cluttered and intimidating. Watch this short video to get a clear idea of which sections of the course are most important and how they work.

Indian Star Stories

Many traditional American Indian stories are available online. These particular videos focus on particular Indian nation's connections with the stars.
God Had a Wife
A clip from the Nova series, The Bible's Buried Secrets
This three minute video provides a quick glimpse at the archeology that revealed--as early as 1968--that Yahweh had a wife, Asherah, which the priests and rulers tried to suppress in favor of the one male god after their exile in Babylon.
Asherah + Yahweh
Hebrew Inscriptions Pairing Yahweh with the Goddess Asherah
This silent slide show uses maps,, images, and text to demonstrate Yahweh's connections in ancient Israel with Asherah, the Queen of Heaven.