As a teenager, Charles Eastman walked from his father's home in Flandreau, South Dakota to Santee, Nebraska where he finished his schooling at the Santee Normal Training School (the black and white photo above). To get there, he had to navigate his way across the Missouri River, which flowed between Santee and Yankton, South Dakota. The river as it stretches between Santee and Yankton has since been dammed to form the smaller Yankton Lake (on the right side of the map above) and the Lewis & Clark Lake.

The top left photo is a view from above Santee, Nebrask overlooking the town and the Missouri River beyond.

Also located at Santee is one branch of Nebraska's Indian Community College system established specifically for their Omaha and Santee nations citizens. The medicine circle pictured above is on the Santee campus. The eagle Star Quilt pictured above is also located at the Indian Community College.

The city of Yankton, South Dakota remembers something of its American Indian heritage in its cultural and historical museum, which was preparing to move to a larger facility when we visited. The bear medicine necklace and the museum display of Lakota calumet pipes is from their old location, which also featured a duck pond in the park next to it. The rock tower in the last photo sits on the edge of that pond.
  1. Astronomy Observatory
    Astronomy Observatory
    This astronomy tower is located on the grounds of a former college, which now houses a minimum security prison in Yankton, South Dakota.
  2. Yankton Lake, Yankton, South Dakota
    Yankton Lake, Yankton, South Dakota
    This panoramic view shows the peaceful lower lake, Yankton Lake, below the large reservoir dam that holds the Lewis and Clark Lake.
  3. Yankton Lake
    Yankton Lake
    A favorite camping area on Yankton Lake, South Dakota
  4. FPC Yankton Prison
    FPC Yankton Prison
    A minimum security prison located at a former college campus in Yankton, South Dakota.