Seven stories, some of which include erotic imagery, deal with ancient rituals (The Witness), magic and time travel (Time Coven; It's About Time; and Wombman), future realities (Fel Man), space travel (Ishi, the Last Martian), and one is a tribute to Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" (Hills Like Green Monsters).

The book should be available in late Summer 2016. 

​Keep a look out!
Memes to Share
  1. Girl with horse
    Girl with horse
    What is the tie between a girl and her horse? Read Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind to find out.
  2. Atlas carrying the world
    Atlas carrying the world
    Charles Atlas hale is Yonni's father. In myths about the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades, Atlas the Titan is their father. Yonni's father is a typical American male who prefers things masculine to things feminine, despite the fact that all his children are girls.
  3. Blue Forest
    Blue Forest
    "Of course," stated Sandy. "Prof. Beuie says the numinous energy is what makes halos, er, auras around people. People who aren't spiritually receptive to the world, let alone the universe, have very little color in their auras. That's how I can tell people who can do some sort of magic." Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind
  4. Buffalo crossing the road
    Buffalo crossing the road
    Why did the buffalo cross the road? To get to the coffee shop to read his ebook, Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill. Available at
  5. Bonfire
    Yonni first meets Grandmother Muhawt at a campfire on a sacred Kansas hill. She shows Yonni wonders and terrors, challenging Yonni to do her part in bringing balance to the world. What can a 12 year old girl do to save her world? Read Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill to find out!
  6. Sexy man in a kilt
    Sexy man in a kilt
    Ancient Celtic warriors envied women's magical powers to bleed for days without dying, so created a ritual that imitated mensturation to take on women's magical powers before going into battle in order to keep battle wounds from killing them. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic WInd.
  7. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls
    Fresh baked cinnamon rolls
    Yonni realized that Mrs. Scratch was baking bread and cinnamon rolls, the two scents intermixing as they filled the room. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind
  8. Cosmic wind
    Cosmic wind
    Escape into the Cosmos. Sail on the Cosmic Wind. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  9. Little house
    Little house
    Sandy and Dusty Scratch's house: From the outside, the house looked extremely small and fragile, as though the first really big gust of wind would blow it away. Inside, the house looked warm and cozy. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  10. Great wooden door
    Great wooden door
    Gracey, a firm believer in political correctness, bowed slightly in his direction before retreating toward the large hickory double doors specially made for the Reverend to include a piece of wood supposedly found on Mt. Ararat, rumored to be from the ark itself. It looked like a splintery old piece of barn stuck in the middle of an otherwise lovely door to Gracey. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  11. Dominos
    "Lots of people have tried to predict the future, though, Daddy," stated Taya as she selected her domino. "Prophecies and predictions are even in the bible." Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  12. Wheat field with rainbow
    Wheat field with rainbow
    The Rainbow Warrior, according to some Indian legends, signals to his people that the storm has passed by touching the ends of his bow to the earth. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  13. Dust storm approaching barn
    Dust storm approaching barn
    Mrs. Bronte came to stand next to her. Yonni ignored her questioning look. They stood, alone, in the middle of the street as the great dark wall of dust rose over the neighborhood, clearing the tops of the trees, and splashed down like a tsunami to the south. Yonni knew the dust's target, saw it in her mind as the enlivend dust particles sought out all the nooks and crannies in the machines, filling them completely. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  14. Mushroom rock
    Mushroom rock
    "It's possible that some people who were considered holy or who were later called saints had special energies, maybe even spectacular auras, that event he common people could see. But being able to see everyone's auras takes training and much patience," said Prof. Beuie, closing the book. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  15. Purple irises in bloom
    Purple irises in bloom
    Even though it was still spring, the air seemed unnaturally warm today. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  16. Grassy Flint Hills
    Grassy Flint Hills
    Kansas has magic in its soil, its air, and its waters--magic that's been here since time began. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  17. Fog on a hay field
    Fog on a hay field
    As Yonni peered through the thickening fog toward the horse pasture, she thought she saw a white horse standing in the field. She blinked and looked again. This time a woman's face peered out of the dark. It was quickly swept away. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  18. Four horses
    Four horses
    Four horses carry four men, men who believe they control the city, to a secret destination. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  19. Girl in a tree
    Girl in a tree
    When troubled, Yonni likes to head to The Trees to think. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
  20. Girls at Play
    Girls at Play
    The girls alternated between pretending they were horses, pretending they were pirates, pretending they were cowboys and Indians, and pretending they were refined ladies having an elaborate luncheon on the grass. With the latter, they spread a circle of things they found among the trees in a clearing and sat facing each other, legs folded to one side as though they were wearing long dresses. Broken tree fungi became bread, two pieces of old broken pottery became tea cups, and large pieces of bark became plates of cakes and cookies. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind by Rajah Hill
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