1. Ecological Changes Over 112 Years
    Charles A. Eastman published his book, Red Hunters and the Animal People, in 1904. In the 112 years since then, most of the environments he describes in the Red Hunter stories have been altered, some drastically, others not as visibly. This presentation discusses the primary ecological changes detectable in places described in six of the stories: the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming in "On Wolf Mountain," the Badlands of South Dakota in "The Mustering of the Herds," Eagle's Nest Butte in South Dakota in "The Sky Warrior," prairie dog territory in Wyoming near Devil's Tower, which stands in for the Owl River area in Canada described in "A Founder of Ten Towns," the Great Pipestone Quarry in Minnesota from "The River People," and elk territory between the Big Sioux River and the Missouri River in South Dakota from "The Challenge."